The dance performance, which has been created out of personal experience, opens up about a sensitive issue in society – bullying and its effects. The Creator emphasises that the imprint of painful experiences remains in memory, body, choices, and eventually becomes an inner prison.

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Regardless of race, religion, sex, nationality or lifestyle, most humans seek acceptance by others and society. The dance performance Aside addresses this human need for acceptance, self-expression, and the relationship between people.

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They like

Based on the stories of student dancers and how it was for them to grow up in 2018 as young adults that live with the internet and the pressure to be liked and followed every single day.

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I dare you to enter a world in which we are on the edge of our water supply. Where we are desperately trying to find a way to make the dry land fertile again and where we are using the last drops of sustainable water unwisely only to be left with an empty surface.

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Tik talk is a choreography about the effect of industrialisation on society, as well in agriculture as in relations between people.
It is an interactive performance in which the audience is encouraged to join the conversation of the performers Niels and Gintarė.

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“Imagine that you are trapped in a body that does not leave you free to make your own choices. How would you feel? What would you think? ”The work intertwines three stories of women oppression.

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