The dance performance, which has been created out of personal experience, opens up about a sensitive issue in society – bullying and its effects. The Creator emphasises that the imprint of painful experiences remains in memory, body, choices, and eventually becomes an inner prison. The performance reveals the different states that the victim experiences throughout life. The last of these is a reception that can awaken the desire to share experiences and raise public awareness. In the sensitive language of dance, the performer shares those painful experiences and paves the way for reconciliation.

Choreography and dance: Niels Claes

Music: Andrius Stakelė – Karolina Mikutaitė

Costume design: Polina Nimrea

Light design: Aurelijus Davidavičius

Scenography: Niels Claes – Giedrė Bražytė

Producer: Goda Giedraitytė

Premiere: Klaipėda, Lithuania – 2021

Duration: 30 min.

Critical respones: