Can you imagine life without drinkable water? In a world in which we consume gallons of water a day on personal use and industry, we can barely believe that our water resources are limited. As members of society we are mostly not aware of the consequences of our actions and of the (silent) wars that are happening over water privatisation. The Chinese symbol of water also means control, so it is no wonder that water will become an economic good, the next oil, the next reason for global conflicts.

I dare you to enter a world in which we are on the edge of our water supply. Where we are desperately trying to find a way to make the dry land fertile again and where we are using the last drops of sustainable water unwisely only to be left with an empty surface.

Are you ready for this image to enter into our world?

The first attempt of this young choreographer is risky but successful. The thoughts of the performance itself are topical, new, appealing to the environment. During the performance both the visual and interesting dance constructions effectively create internal communication with the viewer.  – Viktorija Vaičiūnaitė

Dancers: Oksana Griaznova, Eugene Kalachyov, Aime Sánchez, Juan Madero, Abel Hernández

Music: Andrius Stakelė

Light design: Vladimiras Šerstabojevas

Scenography: Niels Claes

Production: On Aura trampoline – Young creators platform

Premiere: Kaunas, Lithuania – 2016

Performances: Vilnius (LT), Kaunas (LT), Klaipeda (LT), Siaullai (LT) and Jerusalem (IL).

Duration: 55 min.


Critical response

Menu interview

Lithuanian culture ministry